UWDA-Endorsed Johana Bencomo Becomes First Formerly Undocumented Councilwoman on Las Cruces City Council

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New Councilwoman Promises to Stand Up Against Trump’s Deportation Machine

Las Cruces, N.M. – Today, immigrant youth of United We Dream Action (UWDA) celebrate the election of UWDA endorsed candidate Johana Bencomo for Las Cruces City Council District 4. As the first formerly undocumented councilwoman on Las Cruces city council, Councilwoman-elect Bencomo is keenly aware of the issues facing immigrant families living in our southern border communities. 

On the Council, Councilwoman-elect Bencomo plans to continue seeking partnerships with other local counties to end the practice of profiting from immigrant detention. There is no doubt she is the right person to help protect immigrant youth, and fight back against Donald Trump and his anti-immigrant agenda in a city located in what many consider to be ground zero for our nation’s current immigration issues. 

UWDA members launched and carried out canvassing efforts in our Las Cruces endorsing Councilwoman-elect Bencomo. They knocked on thousands of doors and talked to hundreds of our people about her lived experiences and her grassroots organizing history that make her the ideal candidate to fight for the rights and well being of immigrants and people  of color in Las Cruces. 

Uriel Rosales, DACA recipient, NMSU student and member of United We Dream Action, said: 

“Last night our communities made it clear that we want change that focuses on the needs of our communities. I alongside other DACA students and Las Cruces residents knocked on hundreds of doors and discussed with our community members face to face the reality we are facing under the Trump administration and the need for representatives that know and understand where we come from and the needs that arise from those diverse backgrounds.

Through her grassroots organizing in our city she has proven that she is a champion for the protection and justice for immigrant and communities of color. Her victory shows the desire for change and the courage to fight back against Trump and his deportation machine.

Felipe Rodriguez, a member of  United We Dream Action said: 

“This is a historic victory! UWDA endorsed and contributed to the election of  the first formerly undocumented councilwoman in Las Cruces! Our communities are tired of politicians that don’t listen nor understand the needs and issues facing our people of color and immigrants in border communities. We look forward to working with Councilwoman Johana to protect immigrant families and make Las Cruces a place where all immigrant families and families of color can thrive.”


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