We Protested, We Organized, and We Made Our Demands Clear, Now Biden & Harris Are Calling on Congress to Take Action!

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Providing a path to citizenship will be the political measuring stick for Democrats in 2022 and decades to come.

Washington, D.C. – Following yesterday’s cruel and vindictive ruling from Judge Hanen in Texas to partially end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, President Biden and Vice President Harris released a statement today calling on Congress to deliver citizenship through reconciliation. 

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Executive Director of United We Dream Action, said:

“The moment we are in is urgent. This court ruling on DACA, the continued detention, deportation, and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, mostly Black immigrants, should be a blaring siren to Democrats to act or face the political consequences. We need bold and transformative leadership. During the 2020 election, immigrant youth of United We Dream Action mobilized millions of youth, Latinx, and first-time voters to elect Democrats in key states to deliver on citizenship this year. In statements today, President Biden, Vice President  Harris, and Department of Homeland Secretary Mayorkas shared their support of moving a path to citizenship through reconciliation, and now we need their words to turn into action! Our movement made this possible by demanding Democrats be bold and move citizenship legislation through reconciliation. Make no mistake, providing a path to citizenship will be the political measuring stick for Democrats in 2022 and decades to come. They can, and must use their power to deliver a path to citizenship for immigrant youth,TPS holders, farm workers and other essential workers through reconciliation.

For months, immigrant youth have taken action across the country to warn President Biden and Democrats in Congress of the ongoing attacks against DACA and our lives. While we have always known that DACA is right, Judge Hanen’s decision to side with Republicans who have been hellbent on deporting immigrants, is a reminder that DACA has never been enough. Only citizenship can protect immigrant youth, TPS holders, farm workers and other essential workers from the looming threat of deportation.”


United We Dream Action is the leading national network fighting for dignity and justice led by immigrant youth and allies. We are a dynamic community of thousands of immigrant youth nationwide who build independent political power for those directly impacted by injustice. We organize and take action to win victories so that all people can be safe and thrive.