Immigrant Youth, Members of Congress and Allies Rallied on Capitol Grounds Demanding Citizenship in the Reconciliation Package!

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Washington, D.C. – Today, immigrant youth and allies from United We Dream Action rallied on the Capitol Ground with a Mariachi band to make some noise and demand Senate Democrats deliver an expansive and inclusive pathway to citizenship for millions this year through reconciliation. 

Members of United We Dream Action were also joined by leaders and partners of CASA, NAKASEC, the People’s Watch, as well as members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Just yesterday, the Senate parliamentarian, an unelected advisor to the Senate, advised against including a pathway to citizenship in Democrats’ reconciliation package, but after decades of promises from Democrats, immigrant communities refuse to take no for an answer! 

All credit to United We Dream Action

In addition to remarks from directly impacted people, Members of Congress share their continued support for inclusion of citizenship in reconciliation. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said: “I’m not gonna let any damn parliamentarian tell me how to do my job!”

Rep. Chuy Garcia, said: “Let’s find a way to overrule the parliamentarian. When you believe in something, you take action.” 

Katia, Member of United We Dream Action, said: 

“This week I traveled all the way from Houston, Texas to make sure President Biden, Vice President Harris, Majority Leader Schumer, and all Democrats in Congress stick to their promise of delivering a pathway to citizenship for undocumented families like mine. In March, I applied for DACA for the first time. Unfortunately, my application was never processed before a federal judge in my home state of Texas cruelly ruled for an end to the program for first time applicants like me. I’m not demanding citizenship just for me though. Both of my parents are essential workers. They have risked their lives as farm workers in the poultry industry, showing up to work every day without healthcare in order to keep our community and our country fed. 

Democrats must step up to meet this moment and ensure a pathway to citizenship for me, my parents, and millions of families like ours is included in their reconciliation bill. No excuses.”


United We Dream Action is the leading national network fighting for dignity and justice led by immigrant youth and allies. We are a dynamic community of thousands of immigrant youth nationwide who build independent political power for those directly impacted by injustice. We organize and take action to win victories so that all people can be safe and thrive.