United We Dream Action, LUCHA Launch 6-Figure Ad-Buy Pressuring Dems to Deliver on Campaign Promises

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It’s time for Democratic leadership to deliver on the promises made to the millions of voters who got them elected. 

Washington, D.C. – Today, United We Dream Action, in partnership with Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) launched a 6 figure campaign to shine a light on the incredible Latinx and youth voter turnout that impacted the results of the 2020 election. The ads will run in New York, D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, CNN, and Hulu amongst others. 

The ad features two first-time voters, Yuritzi and Teddy, who voted for Democrats in 2020 to protect their undocumented family members from deportation. The ad-buy is the latest action by immigrant youth and allies to demand President Biden, Vice President Harris, House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer deliver on the promises made to the millions of voters who put them in power.

Juanita Monsalve, Senior Marketing and Creative Director of United We Dream Action, said:

“For nearly 35 years, Congress has failed to create a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants who call this country home, yet immigrant youth and allies have been relentless in our grassroots organizing and culture change work that has led to breakthroughs on immigration protections. 

It was the energy and tenacity of a broad multiracial coalition – led by Black, brown and young people – that elected President Biden and a Democratic majority to make bold change for our communities a reality. Over 2 million Latinx first time voters – including Teddy and Yuritzi – participated in the 2020 election based on the oath Democrats made to protect their undocumented loved ones. They bravely continue to share their stories now to ensure that they will not be separated from their families. 

We’ve been clear on our demands for this administration and Democrats in Congress because we know that President Biden, Vice President Harris, House Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Schumer have all the power to make serious investments in our community and defend the futures of so many people living under the constant threat of deportation. Democrats must take advantage of the trifecta they possess. This is the time for courageous action and bold legislation, we demand citizenship for millions now—not later.”

Stephanie Maldonado, Organizing Director of LUCHA, said:

“Since 2010, immigrant communities have been at the forefront of fighting back against anti-immigrant and racist policies here in Arizona. We know that immigrants continue to contribute to our communities and help ensure that Arizona and the whole country have a growing economy and recovery, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Democratic Senators like Sinema and Kelly ran on a platform to defend immigrant communities against Republican attacks and they promised to deliver a much overdue pathway to citizenship for millions. We – the people of Arizona and the grassroots organizers who helped turn out voters in 2018 and 2020 for Sinema, Kelly and Biden – will not let them forget it.” 


United We Dream Action is the leading national network fighting for dignity and justice led by immigrant youth and allies. We are a dynamic community of thousands of immigrant youth nationwide who build independent political power for those directly impacted by injustice. We organize and take action to win victories so that all people can be safe and thrive.