ICYMI: United We Dream Action Joined The Mehdi Hasan Show to Discuss the Upcoming 5th Circuit Court Decision that Will Affect the Future of DACA

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WASHINGTON — Yesterday, United We Dream Action’s Senior Communications & Political Director, Bruna Bouhid Sollod, went on The Mehdi Hasan Show to discuss the upcoming Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on Texas v United States, a case that could determine the future of the DACA program and affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of young immigrant people.

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From Bruna Bouhid Sollod:

  • “I have a seven month-old son, and he doesn’t know I’m undocumented, he doesn’t know his grandparents are undocumented, and I can’t explain to him what family separation would be like for him, but it’s really about the fact that this is our home.” 
  • It is past time for us to have a pathway to citizenship. [If DACA were to end] we would lose teachers, we would lose health care workers, grocery store workers, farm workers, all folks who are essential to our economy and to thriving communities. So, the impact is huge, and when you’re talking about 600,000 young people, but you’re also talking about millions of American families and American communities that would suffer.”
  • “Right now, there are folks who are qualified for DACA but can’t apply. Right now, there are folks who never qualified for it in the first place. There’s too many folks who just have nothing. They don’t have DACA, they don’t have protections, and that’s what we were pushing the Biden administration to do because we know, like you said, the American people support the program, they support immigrant young people, and the right thing to do is protect these young people from detention and deportation. If DACA goes away, it’s really up to Congress to stop the detentions and deportations.” 


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