MAGA Republicans Want To Ban Our Human Right to Abortions With New Bill

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In an attempt to further limit the freedom to decide when and if to start a family, Senate Republicans led by Lindsey Graham introduce 15-week abortion ban bill.

Washington, D.C. – Today, MAGA Republicans, led by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced a 15-week national abortion ban. This comes months after a Republican Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion access up to individual states. 

A poll released earlier this month by UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota found that more than 70% of Latino voters believe abortion should remain legal, no matter what their own personal beliefs on the issue.

Michelle Ming, Political Director of United We Dream Action, said:

“The far-right has worked for decades to overturn Roe v Wade. MAGA Republicans are using every opportunity they can to limit our freedom to decide when and if we start a family. The position of MAGA Republicans on abortion is clear: they want a total ban on our right to abortions nationwide and they will lie and deceive voters to make it happen. 

With the overturning of Roe v Wade triggering preemptive abortion bans in some far-right Republican-run states and prompting new abortion bans in many others, millions of people have found it harder to seek the abortion care they need. This has been especially devastating on immigrants seeking abortion care who, because of their immigration status, might fear traveling long distances, or risk arrest or deportation at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) checkpoints. 

This is why United We Dream Action has been working to endorse and elect pro-immigrant champions across the country, who know that access to abortion care is an immigration issue, and will also do everything in their power to protect our right to abortion care. In the lead up to the midterm elections United We Dream Action is reaching and mobilizing millions of youth voters, Latinx voters, and other voters of color through calls, texts, and a layered digital multi-channel program. Through this program, we will empower this new generation of voters to defend our freedom, and will also make it clear that MAGA Republicans will stop at nothing to continue restrict our right to abortion and other fundamental rights nationwide.” 


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