We must defeat John Cornyn this year

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Trump loves John Cornyn because he votes with Trump 95% of the time, and does nothing to stop his attacks on our communities.

He does nothing when Trump lies about the severity of COVID-19. Cornyn himself even called COVID-19 “no big deal.” He does nothing when Trump prioritizes funding for his deportation forces and detention camps over relief for people in Texas who need it.

And don’t let John try to fool you. He talks a big game on DACA, but he voted to deport DACA recipients…FIVE TIMES. He’s promised permanent protections for DACA holders would never pass the Senate, and he is doing nothing while Trump tries to dismantle DACA.

John Cornyn hurts all Texans. It’s as simple as that. He does not deserve to be our senator any longer. Sign up to help defeat John Cornyn this year.

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