CALL NOW: Reinstate Citizenship in Build Back Better!

Democrats in Congress made a promise to build back better for all communities. Citizenship would mean permanent relief for millions of people currently facing the threat of detention and deportation. It’s time for the Democratic leadership to hold down the line and ensure a pathway to citizenship for millions stays in the reconciliation package – they have the power to deliver!

Can you make a call to Key Senate Democrats and ask that they disregard the parliamentarian’s bad advice and reinstate a pathway to citizenship in their version of Build Back Better? If your state’s Senator is a key target, you’ll be connected directly to their office. Otherwise, you’ll be connected to Senate Leadership – who have the power to decide what stays in the Build Back Better Package.

Make a Call

  1. After clicking ‘Connect Me!’ you will receive a call from 877-958-7868
  2. Listen to our quick message
  3. You will then be connected to the office of a Senator that needs to hear from you.
  4. Customize the sample script below to urge them to deliver citizenship for millions!

Sample Script:

“Hi, my name is _______, and I am calling to urge the Senator ________ to disregard the parliamentarian’s latest guidance and deliver citizenship for our communities. The Parliamentarian is only an advisor. Democrats have the power to include citizenship in the reconciliation package by any means necessary.

The reality is that temporary protections will always leave immigrants vulnerable to detention and deportation. We need the immigration provision in the Senate’s Build Back Better package to include pathways to citizenship. We are in a defining moment of our fight and as champions in this fight we need you to be bold in demanding Democratic leadership support disregarding the parliamentarian.”

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