Our Endorsements


New York

(Lieutenant Governor)

Ana María Archila

Primary Victory!



Greg Casar

Join the Fight to Elect Immigrant Champions!

It’s time to elect more elected officials who have our immigrant communities as a priority, like Ana María Archila for Lieutenant Governor of New York!

We need leaders who know that being pro-immigrant means fighting for everyone’s right to migrate and seek asylum, right to access health care, in-state tuition, and COVID relief regardless of immigration status, and right to live without the daily fear of being detained or deported.

And our fight doesn’t stop with endorsing Ana María Archila. Over the next few months leading up to November 8th, we’re coming together to ensure our immigrant communities have true champions in office to represent us around the country – from local to national levels!

How? Our Squad will be mobilizing volunteers to send texts, make calls, and take action in their local communities. Join The Squad! Sign up here to take action with us and elect immigrant champions around the country!

UWDA's Endorsement Process

United We Dream Action’s (UWDA) main goal is to build political power for immigrants and people of color so we can change the face of politics in this country, and with that goal in mind, we are endorsing candidates that share the same values and our vision for the future: a future where all of us can live without fear and thrive. If you’re interested in UWDA’s endorsement process, please email  to receive a questionnaire.