Our Stories: Vote Trump Out!

Trump’s cruelty knows no bounds. We’ve seen it many times over the last four years. We saw it when he put the lives of 800,000 young people at risk of deportation with his continuous and unrelenting attempts to end DACA. We saw it with his attempts to end TPS and putting hundreds of thousands of immigrants at risk for deportation. 

The United We Dream Action (UWDA) PAC released digital ads showing Latinx voters attacking Trump for wanting to deport their brother, sisters, and grandparents. The ads focus on mixed-status Latinx immigrant families. Voters share moving stories about their family members, who are DACA and TPS recipients, and remind other voters out there about their own power to vote and change the lives of millions for the better.

Hear the Stories



“My sisters have DACA and Trump wants to deport them”

Teddy is voting in his first presidential election. His sisters both have DACA. Teddy’s sisters can’t vote, but he can. He is voting this election to stop Trump.



"My brother has DACA and Trump wants to deport him.”

Cristina became a U.S. Citizen last year and will be voting in her first presidential election. Her brother has DACA. When casting her vote this year she will be thinking about her brother’s ability to live without the fear of being deported under Trump.


“My brother has DACA and Trump is trying to deport him.”

Yuritzi is a U.S Citizen voter whose brother is a queer DACA recipient. Yuritzi is thinking about her parents and her brother when casting her vote this election. Her brother can’t vote to stop Trump, but Yuritzi can.



“If they manage to deport my grandparents, I might be homeless.”

Chris is voting in his first presidential election. His grandparents have TPS and Trump wants to deport them. For Chris, being able to vote is a privilege, and he’ll be voting to protect his grandparents and stop Trump.

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