Free Stickers: No tacos, pupusas, pho, arepas, jollof rice, sushi, tamales, empanadas, or coxinhas for ICE!

If ICE thinks they can come after our community by hunting us down, detaining, abusing, deporting and even KILLING us, they better think twice before consuming our delicious foods! Not today!

Our food is who we are. It is our culture passed down through the years through our families. We need to stop supporting ICE to protect our communities.

So today, we invite you to say NO to supporting ICE in any way. Show your support and say it loud and proud: NO tacos for ICE, No pupusas for ICE, NO pho for ICE, NO arepas for ICE, NO Jollof rice, No sushi, No tamales, No empanadas, and No Coxinas for ICE!

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