Commitment is to

Our People!

Defeating Trump is about our communities being able to survive.

Trump’s cruelty knows no bounds. We’ve seen it many times over the last four years. We saw it when:

  • Trump banned millions of Muslim Americans from returning home to their families and communities by signing a Muslim Ban executive order as one of his first acts as president
  • Trump put the lives of 800,000 young people at risk of deportation with his continuous and unrelenting attempts to end DACA
  • Trump put kids in cages, separating thousands of them from their parents with his zero-tolerance family separation policy that separated thousands of migrant children from their parents 

That’s barely the tip of the iceberg. We have seen Trump’s cruelty in so many other ways. But Defeating Trump is also about our communities continuing to build power. 

That’s barely the tip of the iceberg. We have seen Trump’s cruelty in so many other ways. But Defeating Trump is also about our communities continuing to build power.

The reality is organizing for change is long, hard, work. The change we’re fighting for will not be accomplished by one political candidate or in one election. No one person will save us. We are our own protectors. We know what is best for our communities. We get to define the vision for what we want for this country. A place where everyone, regardless of immigration status, is able to live free and thrive. 

We must be clear headed in understanding our political reality this November: there are only two options this election. We’re either getting Trump or we’re getting Biden. One of them will be elected in November, and their election will set our political landscape and impact the opportunities we have to fight for the protections and change our communities need at the federal, state and local level. They’ll make appointments to the Supreme Court which could either protect, or scale back our future victories. 

Our choice here is clear: we need to mobilize our communities to vote for Joe Biden for president to be able to continue building towards our vision.

Defeating Trump is crucial for us and our community. The United We Dream Action PAC has chosen not to endorse Joe Biden, because we know that he isn’t yet the champion our communities deserve, however he is someone that we will be able to push and move to win the protections our community needs. We have done this before. Let’s not forget that it took immigrant youth mobilizing and taking action to make DACA happen. It was us who won policies like DACA and DAPA. Obama failed our community during his first two years as president, but we showed up and we held him accountable. Immigrant youth pushed him to live up to his promises, and stop deporting us. It was this organizing that won us policies like DACA. Our efforts don’t start and end with an election, we did it with Obama, and we’re ready and willing to do this same work to push a future President Biden. 

United We Dream Action PAC is a political home for immigrants, and mobilizing our community this election will help show and solidify our collective power. So we are encouraging our people to vote for Biden in big numbers. We want to send a clear message to Biden and the Democrats that we are here to stay and here to win immigrant justice. We will be pushing Biden hard to take bold action to advance immigrant justice and protect all our people, the same way we pushed Obama to do DACA.

In our gut and in our heart, we already know what we need to do. Our priority must be to protect our community and we have all the tools available to do that within us. We have tremendous power within. We are resilient. We are our own protectors. We are empowered. And our existence, our efforts and our love is revolutionary. In November we’ll celebrate a Trump loss after four years of pain and suffering for our community, then we’ll get right back to work to push a future Biden administration to enact policies that help all of us without hurting anyone else. 

Looking at Biden and Trump side-by-side makes the choice for our community clear .

From our Free to Move, Free to Stay Platform
Pathway to Citizenship
Will help create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people.
No pathway. Detain and Deport as many immigrants as possible.
Will end private detention and radically decrease the number of detainees
Has allowed the chemical poisoning of people jailed.

Women’s wombs were taken out while in detention under Trump’s administration.

Will continue to abuse human rights by detaining as many people as possible in horrific conditions
Will reinstate and expand programs like DACA and TPS
Will end DACA and TPS.

Has created fear and anxiety by announcing plans to deport DACA recipients if he can end DACA fully.

COVID-19 related Health Care
Will cover testing, treatment, hospitalization and vaccination for all people, regardless of immigration status.
Lied about COVID-19 to all of us and let over 200,000 people die.
Will re-establish and grow the asylum system.

Will end Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico,’ zero-tolerance family separation and other policies
Will continue to put children in cages and separate families.

Ended any chances for refugees to find safety.
Interior Enforcement
Will end workplace raids and re-establish safe locations.

Will limit 287(g), Safe Communities, PEP and other similar programs.
Has led the largest raid yet in the USA.

Has continued deporting people during COVID-19.

Will punish states and cities .
Immigration Courts
Will establish independent immigration courts.
Has used immigration courts as tools to deport and jail immigrants by imposing quotas for judges

The Bottom Line

Why shouldn’t we vote for Trump?

  • Trump is a liar, who only cares about himself and his rich white supremacist friends. 
  • 200,000 have died from Covid because of Trump’s lies, and inaction. 
  • Trump destroyed our economy, our communities, and if we let him, he’ll destroy our futures.

Why should we vote for Biden?

  • We can push Biden to meet our demands and protect our communities. 
  • Biden has promised to protect and expand programs like DACA and TPS, while working towards a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people.
  • Biden has surrounded himself, and will be influenced by progressives like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, both of whom we endorsed.


Stand with immigrants