Immigrant Youth Launch New Programs to Reach 6 Million Low-Propensity and Undecided Latinx, Youth, and First-Time Voters

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Washington, D.C. – Today, the United We Dream Action PAC and United We Dream Action announced two separate voter engagement programs that will energize and mobilize 6 million low-propensity undecided Latinx, Youth, and first-time voters, including New American voters. 

The United We Dream Action PAC is launching Here To Stay 2020, its largest voter engagement and voter mobilization efforts in our history. The PAC will use the power and voices of immigrant youth to defeat Trump and elect immigrant champions in key states like Arizona, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, New York, and California. 

Cristina Jiménez, Co-Founder of United We Dream Action PAC, said:

“From our lived experience these last four years, it is clear that Trump is determined to dismantle DACA and deport all immigrants.  As long as Trump is in the White House, immigrant communities are at risk of deportation. We know that the only way to protect DACA and increase protections against deportations for all immigrants is to defeat Trump and his Republican enablers. 

United We Dream Action PAC will be a powerful force this election cycle. Through a large-scale digital and direct voter engagement campaign in multiple states, we will empower immigrant youth to mobilize millions of Latinx, youth and New American voters to the polls to defeat Trump and Republicans, and elect champions for immigrants. We know the messages and issues that resonate strongly with the voters we’re focused on targeting and moving. 

We’re putting Trump and his Republican enablers on notice: immigrant youth and our families are here to stay.”

United We Dream Action’s voter engagement program will reach out broadly to first-time young voters and others across the country through digital ads and training to communicate through phone and texts to help communities better understand and navigate the challenges of voting in this election and encouraging them to vote.

Christopher Colindres, First-time voter, and volunteer with United We Dream Action in Miami, Florida, said:

“This November, I will be voting for the first time. I know the power of my vote, in a state as important as Florida. I’m voting with so many of my family and friends in mind, many of whom don’t have the same privileges as I do. My mom is undocumented, my grandparents have TPS, and a cousin of mine has DACA. Quite a few of my friends who are undocumented were excited to apply for DACA after the Supreme Court ruling, only to have their hopes shattered when it was announced new applications would not be accepted. I know first hand the impact of my vote, and the votes of so many other young people, and Latinx people. We need as many people as possible to know what is at stake and get involved! I also know that it’s important for me to talk to as many other voters as possible. Our vote is the first step towards winning protections for immigrants like my mom and others.” 


United We Dream Action is the leading national network fighting for dignity and justice led by immigrant youth and allies. We are a dynamic community of thousands of immigrant youth nationwide who build independent political power for those directly impacted by injustice. We organize and take action to win victories so that all people can be safe and thrive.