Trump’s October Attacks: Ending COVID-19 Relief and Terrorizing Immigrants

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Under Trump’s direction, families will not get any additional COVID relief and some undocumented immigrants will have their deportations expedited by ICE.

Washington, D.C. – Following his stint at the hospital for COVID-19, Trump went on the attack, putting more families at risk. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is implementing a policy to arrest and deport some undocumented immigrants without a hearing in front of an immigration judge. This comes as Trump holds federal relief for COVID-19 hostage, with millions of people unemployed, and over 210,000 dead from the virus. 

Cristina Jiménez, Co-Founder of the United We Dream Action PAC, said:

“In the middle of a pandemic that Trump failed to take seriously for himself and millions of Americans and which has left millions unemployed and claimed over 210,000 lives, Trump has continued attacking immigrants. Trump has spent the last four years terrorizing immigrants – he has torn apart families, he has caged children, he has tried to take away protections for DACA recipients like my brother. Earlier today, ICE announced the mass arrests of immigrants in California as part of Trump’s attacks on immigrant friendly cities. Now, he’s using a policy that makes it easier to deport immigrants, denying them the ability to make their case in front of an immigration judge. 

This is exactly what we can expect more of with four more years of Trump. But, right now, we have the power to stop him. People all across this country have requested their mail-in-ballots, thousands of people have already voted early. Young people, Latinx people, and first-time and new American voters, will have a major say in the outcome of these elections. We have the power to reject Trump’s policies of hate and division, because four more years of Trump will be more of the same.” 


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